Dr. Ellsworth

You cannot direct the wind, but you can adjust the sails.


Dr. Sterling Ellsworth has spent years helping others adjust their sails.

His wisdom has been the lighthouse for countless dozens struggling on life’s turbulent seas.

You are invited to join those who have discovered Dr. Ellsworth’s guidance for the voyage of a lifetime to discover your real self — the innocent spirit you were born with; still inside you, still deserving love, still able to feel and love.

Life’s tempestuous seas force us to find safety in the shells that protect us, but also hide us from the joys we came here for.

It’s worth the time and sacrifice to search for the real spirit within and set free the real you to enjoy life. Dr. Ellsworth can show you the tools to chart your own course to the true safety of God’s love.

You are welcome to explore this site. Come, discover for yourself the real treasure of self so many have found with the help of Dr. Sterling G. Ellsworth.